Open House

Recently on the 12th of September 2020 we hosted an open house at the shop. To be honest I was skeptical on how successful the event would be since this business is still pretty small, the covid pandemic and smoke filling the air due to wild fires in other parts of the country and Canada. During the event a good amount of family, friends, and new customers stopped by and bought some of our products. As well as order custom work. Hearing people praise the work we do and hanging out has given me more fuel to my fire. 


One of the the custom projects was a hand forged Ka Bar TDI knife. I already sharpened some kitchen knives for the customer and he wanted something different and wanted to support local businesses. It turned out great with the surface still having a forged look to it with a g10 handle and lanyard. It's always satisfying to see the end results and know that my work is appreciated. 


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